Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 33

MADEXXX I interviewed couples in successful relationships and asked them to share what they wish they had known about their significant other (SO) and what they think you should know too before you take that walk down the aisle. Let’s get started. 1 Does your partner display empathy for others and you? There are the basics you should know about your SO before taking the plunge, but there are also some of the not- so-obvious things, which is why this is a good question. How your partner interacts and communicates with others around them will eventually be the same way that they interact with you. Observing how they treat waitstaff at restaurants, how they handle a disagreement with a stranger, and their regular day-to-day interactions will give you a lot of insight into them as an individual. Are they kind? Do they try to help others? Are they sensitive to the needs and well-being of those around them? My favorite is when I hear someone say, “Yes, they are difficult and moody with others, but they are not the same way towards me.” And when I circle back to this person to see if things have changed, guess what behavioral traits surface in their relationship? The same ones which they observed their partner exhibits with others. If someone lacks empathy in their interactions, it is only a matter of time before it manifests itself in your relationship with them. 2 How do you handle stress or something that really frustrates you? I often advise my clients that you need to allow your relationship time. It means observation of your SO in every season, situation, and scenario. INNOVATION ISSUE 33