Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 29

MADELIFE MADEXXX there’s no one like you. There’s no one who can do what you’re meant to do on this planet. There are people counting on you because there’s a calling on every one of our lives. There’s a reason you’re here. If you were not needed on this planet, you wouldn’t be here. That awakening that there’s people counting on me and counting on me to do things and their life is better because I stood up into my calling, it straightened my spine. working wives is that they plan for their success in their lives. They plan their personal lives so they have date nights on the calendar every month so there’s no surprises. What gets calendared, gets done. You have to own your time because if you don’t own your time, somebody else will grab it. So as women and as boss brides, you own your time because it’s your most “YOU’VE GOT TO BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR AND YOU’LL BE ABLE TO CREATE SPACE TO RECEIVE.” Throughout that loving me process, it really made me own the fact that I had already met the love of my life. There’s one person I came into this earth with and there’s one person that I will leave this earth with and it’s me. If I didn’t take the time and step back and say, “What makes Charreah so magical?” then I couldn’t expect someone else to do it. People treat you the way you treat yourself. When I modeled loving on myself, I showed up powerfully, I showed up rested and I showed up with good energy, I attracted those things back to me. “Do More Of What Fuels You” The thing is I don’t see [dating and having a career] as juggling. I see it as a part of your life that feeds you. Anything that feeds you, anything that fuels you, you need to add more of it to your life. For example, it’s not like hanging out with your nephew is keeping you from work. If hanging out with your nephew fuels you up and makes you feel vibrant, your work is better. It doesn’t look like a work meeting but it is a work meeting because it makes your work better. I interviewed over a hundred working wives who shared their insight and one of the biggest consistent habits for the precious resource. You can make a million dollars, you can lose a million dollars and then you can make a million dollars back. If you spend 10 years unconsciously doing things that don’t feed you, you won’t get that time back. “The Ending Doesn’t Own The Story” Sometimes we’ll hear about a breakup or a divorce or a layoff and we let the ending own it. We’re like, “Oh, it didn’t work out.“ No, it worked out. My parents’ marriage—even though they got divorced, it worked out because here I am talking to you, so it was fruitful even though it had an ending. If you look at nature, everything has a season and some of us get stuck because what was good for a while feels like it should still be good now. It was good for the season. Think about someone still trying to wear their winter boots in the spring. That’s why it feels sweaty and icky because it’s time to take the boots off. It doesn’t mean they weren’t great boots, it just means their season has expired. INNOVATION ISSUE 29