Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 28

MADEXXX MADELIFE THE POWERFUL WOMAN’S PLAYBOOK For Love & Success with Charreah Jackson made by Ashley White Find Charreah Jackson’s book, Boss Bride in stores and online now! I n the media, women are often told that they can have a successful career, but if you add marriage and a family to that— good luck. Enter Charreah Jackson. The Senior Editor at ESSENCE shows us why there’s a Boss Bride in all of us no matter what our relationship status is and why we can go hard AND go home. “Yes, You Are A Boss Bride” A lot of times women don’t have a problem owning the word boss, whether they’re an intern or executive, but that word bride can be a little unsettling. I wanted women to collectively own that. That’s why the first chapter is titled, “Yes, You Are A Boss Bride” and it talks about no matter your relationship status, no matter your job title, you can tap into this mentality. Because trust, Serena Williams was thinking about winning Wimbledon and be =)5Ё݅䁉ɔٕ͡ȁѕ)Ёɽͥѕ́Ʌe)ٔѼѡЁɔԁٔ)ѡԁ݅и$݅ЁԁѼݸ)ѡЁхѼɕЁٕ䁑䁱)́ɥ ϊQɅѕ)ѽȰհȁɕͽɍ)ɥݽ)ݕ䁱٥ȁЁ)ѕѼѡݡѕȁѡ)и$eЁٔѡЁȁݕ)䁥͕́ѼѡЁ䁽)ȁ%׊eɔѼɔ)ѡ̰́ͅԁ͡ձɕЁٕ)䁅́ӊéȁ+qM1ٔI%́Q Ё1ٗt)]ԁɔ́əѱ䁑ͥ)饹(