Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 23

MADELIFE MADEXXX 1. Nigeria for Medical Mission Work, 2017 2. Dubai, 2018 3. Greece, 4-Wheeler overlooking the sunrise 1 2 3 Photos courtesy of Janelle K. Hadley, MD, MPH. activate anything in your phones settings. If plans are not feasible, make sure you keep your phone in airplane mode and use Wi-Fi where available. Gang Gang I know we all want to travel with the homies so we can post that one pic with the caption, “SQUAD GOALS” but I’ve got a serious tip. Only travel with reliable people, a.k.a those who you don’t have drama with or who are never on time. If your friends don’t fit these characteristics locally (even though you love them), DO NOT travel with them and expect things to majestically change. Traveling already adds an extra level of stress and the last thing you need to do is be hundreds of miles away with a bucket load of nonsense. Do your homework It’s important that you familiarize yourself with some of the culture and traditions of that land in which you desire to INNOVATION ISSUE explore. For instance, it was crucial to read up on some tips prior to going to Dubai. Not only was it educational, but it was helpful to know what to expect. Also, for Cuba, we could only take cash as our credit cards don’t work there. And for Nigeria, it was important to have a visa, certain vaccinations and antimalarial meds. Socially Social If you’re into social media like myself, then you know the 23