Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 22

MADELIFE MADEXXX Some friends joined me on my trip to Cuba. It was only right that we have a mini photo shoot! Budget and Affordability I’ve heard some people say they don’t travel due to perceived cost. But I’m proof that it’s totally possible to travel if your funds are limited. First, establish a savings stash just for travel. Even if it’s saving $75 a month ($75 x 12 = $900), that could equal at least one trip a year depending on where you want to go. Second, download one of the many travel apps that notify you when flights to various destinations are ridiculously affordable. I’ve literally seen flights to countries for less than $500 round-trip! Bags & Luggage First, as much as you can, try to carry-on. I’m sure things have gotten better but you’d never want your luggage to become lost and be without all of your things during your trip! Second, if you absolutely must check a bag make sure you know the fees your luggage may incur as this takes away from your budget. And be sure to keep spare underwear, an extra outfit, and toiletries in your carry- on. Worst-case scenario of not arriving with your luggage, at least you don’t have to be limited to your travel gear and you can smell good! Ready for Flight If you’re new to traveling, I’d say take baby steps. First, make sure to discuss your plans with your primary care doctor to ensure you are indeed | 22 cleared to fly. Second, as a novice flyer, you may not want to take a 10-15 hour flight your first go round. Perhaps try an all-inclusive resort somewhere in Mexico or the Caribbean. Flights are usually direct and less than five hours. Who you gonna call? It’s critical to call your credit card companies to let them know you’ll be traveling abroad so transactions don’t get declined. I definitely recommend bringing cash as well, but you never know if you’ll need to swipe in the event of an emergency. Also, call your cell phone provider to see what options they have for international plans or if you’ll need to