Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 20

MADELIFE MADEXXX Graphics, but Grown Mid-Length Everything Long gone are the days of mini skirts. In trend is the midi cut. This tailored style can be applied to skirts, jumpsuits, and summer dresses. The surprising thing about this cut is that it flaunts your gams without having to bare it all. The clean lines that are created with mid-length cuts naturally cinch in the waist and elongate any body-type. To add a classic feel, look for button down styles or even paper bag pants to wear with an off-shoulder crochet top. MEN Cling to the Classics Before you throw in the towel on comfort, there just happens to be a convenient trend on the horizon. There is definitely a way to wear graphics aside from times of leisure. Logo mania is back into full effect but instead of feeling like the brand is wearing you, we recommend zoning in on a specific piece versus wearing logos head to toe. Investment should always be placed into your staple pieces such as good denim or a crisp white button-down shirt. Of course these items don’t sound groundbreaking but these essentials are absolutely necessary to build an outfit. Don’t stray from the items in your wardrobe that work every time. Speaking of button-downs, don’t forget an easy style tip called the French Tuck. This subtle tip gives your wardrobe structure without being too conservative. To create the French Tuck, just tuck in the center front portion of your pants while allowing the remaining fabric to be untucked. Now for the men, we definitely agree that less is more. However this does not mean you cannot stand out with some key staples as well as style concepts to broaden what you already have. Menswear doesn’t fluctu- ate often aside from fit or accessory trends so the focus this season will be to repur- pose. Versatility can stem from simplicity. Tonal Looks Creating a tonal look is a style concept similar to monochrome. To achieve this look, take 2-4 hues from the same color family. To pull this off, you will have to trick the eye. Your base (ie; shirt and pants) should be a neutral or lighter hue while the layering elements such as a jacket should be darker. This optical illusion gives your wardrobe depth. | 20