Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 19

MADELIFE MADEXXX WOMEN Summer ‘18 STYLE GUIDE made by Xuxa Day This Summer will definitely be one for the record books. I’m certain your Summer months will be full of travel- ing, festivals, and more so before you dive head first into your agenda, let’s make sure your Summer wardrobe is in tact. Here are some on-trend looks that both ladies and gents can pull from straight from your closet. Ladies, summers are usually known for skin and bathing suits, but there’s so much more we can do to expand our style element while staying cool. This season, we are going to see a lot of retro and nostalgic references. Tassel Earrings Statement earrings are definitely not a new must-have but this season narrows in on tassels. The light and airy fringe detail adds some spunk to any wardrobe fit. For an evening look, go dramatic and long. For a daytime look, don’t be afraid to play up the color element with hues such a yellows, reds, and blues. This accessory also comes in a variety of styles ranging from modern to Victorian. I have a feeling somewhere Rachel Zoe is a having a field day. Retro Prints Similar to history, fashion has a high tendency to repeat itself. This season is an ode to everything retro and vintage. The biggest trend this summer will be prints from the 80’s such as gingham, mini polka dots, micro florals, and micro fruits that remind you of a Stepford wives’ wallpaper. Conjure up some of your favorite 90’s girl group vibes, grab a pair of denim Dickies overalls to pair with your banded tube top. We recommend digging up some of mom’s statement pieces or even taking a day to do some thrifting to find some gems. INNOVATION ISSUE 19