Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 17

MADEFEATURE MADEXXX are isolated from the political process. As if he doesn’t already have enough on his plate, he enrolled at Howard University in 2016, majoring in legal communications. “I realized that education is real wealth because it’s extremely fulfilling and it’s something that can never be taken away from you.” Nick has never had a problem speaking his mind when it came to the injustices of the African American community and he continues to be a champion for raising awareness. “I always speak a lot about controlling our own narrative as a community and reconditioning the mindset. A lot of that starts with education and it doesn’t necessarily need to be higher education in a public or private institution, but however you consume knowledge can really change that narrative. We can do it at our own facilities at the HBCUs—that’s what those institutions are there for, to really be the backbone for our community. I wanted to support it in every facet possible so come out on the other end and speak truthfully and honestly.” Staying True To Nick Cannon We’ve know success doesn’t guarantee happiness. When asked how he practices self-care, Nick makes sure he takes time to pour into himself every day. “I start the day with meditation and prayer and stillness.” driving force to where your energy goes to. Think about electricity, in order for electricity to work, it has to be grounded to something otherwise its just random, rapid energy all over the place. But, as soon as you ground it, you can create something that really generates power.” NV8 Like Nick “Come up with the idea first. Then, motivate and speak it into existence and then build the idea without waiting on others. Once you start to generate the process, everything will fall into place because once people see your momentum and your motivation, people always want to ride on a moving train.” ”I keep my head low and stay working so I don’t have time to get caught up in La La land or get caught up in the idea that I’m better or more privileged than others. We’re all putting in the work and we don’t have time to not be grounded. To be grounded is the INNOVATION ISSUE -NICK CANNON 1.Do It . 2. Motivate Yourself Daily. 3. Be a Self-Generator. Art Direction R. One Creative Photography: Derrel Ho-Shing 17