Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 16

MADEFEATURE MADEXXX battles which culminates in a rap battle for a championship belt. “It’s fresh, and I know how to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in culture and being on an energetic frequency of what people are doing online, in hip hop, what people are doing in comedy and giving the ability to listen to their music and experience the apps. I figured while I have a content business want to I also produce the product that you consume the content,” says Nick. In 2014, Nick also designed and created a limited edition tablet, the Incredible Tablet that was made in I TRY TO VIBE HIGHER EVERY DAY. WHATEVER ENERGY GUIDES ME, THAT’S WHAT I FOCUS ON. them a portal and an opportunity to reach a wider audience,” shares the entertainer. Nick recently announced the Wild ‘N Out tour which will feature stand up performances by fan favorite Wild ‘N Out cast members, live interaction with the audience as they participate in Wild ‘N Out’s most popular game segments with Nick and cast, and a live music performance from today’s most popular hip hop stars. association with N’Credible Entertainment. “We did a small run for schools. That’s definitely a business that’s dominated by Apple and Google, but we did it specifically for content and young students. We created an app to go along with the tablet to also help with the experience of young innovators.” While Nick is a heavy-hitter in entertainment, he’s no stranger to the tech industry and there’s more to come. Innovation is engrained in N’Credible Entertainment’s culture. Additionally, Nick just opened Wild ‘N Out Sports Bar & Arcade in Miami. Cannon describes the bar as the first “hip-hop” themed, full-service sports bar. “I think innovation is being incredible. It’s synonymous to the idea of trying to accomplish what others have never done or doing it in a different way or manner.” Tech Talk In partnership with T-Mobile, Nick Cannon has released N’Credible N1—stylish headphones that reduce background noise up to 40% and have up to 15 hours of battery life and have a 30ft wireless range. “People are always going to need speakers and Always A Student Aside from his business endeavors, the entrepreneur is vocal in expressing how he feels about the politics of this country. During the 2016 presidential elections, Nick released a spoken word video, “Too Broke To Vote” that discussed the ways black communities | 16