Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 15

MADEXXX ELEVATING TO A NEW W AV E L E N G T H NI CK CA NNON made by Ashley White When You think of nick cannon, his most notable projects may come to mind—his breakout role in Drumline, his comedy show Wild ‘N Out, his former hosting gig on America’s Got Talent. His resume is impressive and no matter what industry he’s working in, whether it’s entertainment or technology, Nick never comes up short on his ability to be innovative. MADE caught up with the entrepreneur to discuss just how he does it all… Evolving in Entertainment With his own record label N’Credible, the entertainer has released multiple projects this year including The F**k Him Trilogy and his latest, Calling All Models. “It’s an overall movement. It’s a play on words but it’s a mixtape that is the prequel of a compilation project I’m releasing at the end of the Summer called Model Music. It’s just my label N’Credible giving an opportunity to newer artists as well as established artists to come together and make “AN INNOVATOR IS A TRAILBLAZER AND KNOWS HOW TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.” - NICK CANNON music and we’ve been at the helm of it all.” The entertainer says he sees himself being like Quincy Jones or Dr. Dre—someone who brings various artists together in the studio to make some incredible music. “My music is an outlet for me. It’s a real therapeutic process. Where others may be trying to put me in a mold, I’m just expressing myself as an artist and opening up so that other artists can do the same. My music is an authentic look into who I really am.” When he’s not making music, you most likely will find him on set of Wild ‘N Out, a show featuring improve and head-to-head comedy INNOVATION ISSUE 15