Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 14

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX mouth full of “I should have done this” and “I wish I would have done that”, you need to get up, get out, and get into the race because you’re responsible for your own life. 4. DOING GOOD IS INFECTIOUS. When you make the conscious decision to go the extra mile, you compel all those around you to do the same. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “birds of a feather, flock together.” Well, it’s true. We inspire each other to be better through our actions. It’s that feeling you get when your best friend enrolls in graduate school – you start looking into going back to school yourself. Or the self-reflection you experience at your cousin’s wedding – you start thinking about your own love life beyond the scope of swiping left and swiping right. When the people around us succeed, we too want to succeed and rightfully so. The same is true for going the extra mile. People should aspire to be better because they see you going so hard in everything you do. 5. IT MAKES YOU ST SU Y][Y\H[]SHSTTHHUTPUTHVBQHSHS”T XYK[XY^[KHM\\YYH[H^HZ[H]وX\وH[ۛۋ[]\[ۚ[\›\X\[Y\[š]\X][KH[YHZ[\XB][]ZX[\\›ZH8']\[ۙH\[š]8'H܈8'HX\]\›ݙ\]\]Y[^BY[ 'H[ x&]H]܈[K۸&]BYH][HYBYۈX[YYXK\x&\[ܙH[H]\H[[&H[\B\H]\H[[XۛK\\XZ[BX]\HHو[B[X\]^B\[&][[XX[Bܚ܈] ]8&\ZH^B[X\Y[HۈH[\]\܈Y][ˈ]\œ܈ܚ]X۸&]ZY[XܞKY[H[X\8$ݙH] ܈Hܘ]YX][ۈقH\[[K]܈[\[X]\BX]\[B\] [H[YB[[x&\H]HBY\[ ^HYBHܚ[ ^HYHBܚ]XˈH\[Y[K[][Y^H]\^H][\XK˜\\ˈ[H[\\BH^HZ[B[]^K