Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 13

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX SUCCESS MAPPING 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO THE EXTRA MILE made by Rayvon C. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take much to go the extra mile. You don’t need an advanced degree. You don’t need lots of money. All you need is a willing heart. And if you purpose yourself in going the extra mile in all that you do, all that other “stuff” will come anyway. It’s time we tap into the spirit of excellence within each of us that is often left unexpressed. We have to learn to operate on a higher scale of excellence – a realm that can only be achieved when we go further than our comfort zones. All things considered, here are some of the many reasons you should aspire to live more, be more, and do more. 1. IT FEELS GOOD. Whether it’s staying at the gym for fifteen extra minutes, exceeding a client’s expectations in the workplace, or mailing a handwritten letter to family members and friends, going the extra mile feels good. It’s like you have an extra pep in your step; Almost as if your all-time favorite song is on repeat. And with everything bad that’s happening in the world today, we could all use more “feel good” moments. 2. IT HELPS YOU OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION. The root of procrastination is fear. And whatever you’ve been putting off in your life, personally or professionally, is more than likely due to fact that you’re afraid. But here’s the thing…you can’t go the extra mile if you’re too afraid of what you’ll encounter on the trail. If you want to go to the next level in your life, good for you. But you’ll have to do more than just talk about it. Why? INNOVATION ISSUE Because each new level in your life requires a new version of yourself – and you won’t get there by not going the extra mile. 3. YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT OUT. Give and it will come back to you. That’s not just for tithes and offering. It’s a way of life. You put out good, good will come back. Similarly, if you put out bad, that’s what you’ll get in return. And if that’s not enough to get you pushing harder, consider this: Going the extra mile lays the foundation for a successful future. It’s like releasing a series of non-verbal affirmations about what you expect from the world around you. If you don’t want to wake up one day with a 13