Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 12

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX to and from your purpose. In the foundational block, I would consider what the overall bigger picture is here. What is that overall purpose? Next, add in your amplifications, or tactics that extend from your purpose. (For example, my purpose is to help Black women actualize themselves, therefore I create self actualization content in the form of a blog, podcast and video series. These would be some of my amplifications.) From there, consider what offerings you will be able deliver, that will again, align with that overall purpose. An example of that for me could be life coaching, or energy healing. 4. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY & EXECUTION Now that you understand how you are going to amplify your purpose, you need to think through how you will communicate this with the world, and how you will remain a united front across platforms. First, you’ll want to think through what all needs to be changed (if you’re super strategic like me, you’ll create a mini- strategy for each element). Consider website copy, social media bios, overall messaging and tone, etc. When you are streamlining the look and feel of these, refer back to the messaging that you created previously, and weave it through each of the elements. This will act as the glue, as you tell your story across various mediums. From there, you should determine the execution plan for your offerings, as well as how you will initially reintroduce your brand. 5. CONFIDENCE & CONSISTENCY Now that you’ve done the work, put your new baby out to the world with pride. Have confidence in the fact that your brand is in alignment with your purpose, and watch everything else begin to manifest. Own your evolvement, but don’t forget that your work has merely just begun. From this point forward, the best thing that you can offer to your brand, is constant strategic alignment, and consistency, the world is yours! | 12