Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 11

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX R E I N V E N T I N G YO U R PE R SONAL B R AND made by B Bad I’ve rebranded too many times. Not because of a poor job, but because I’ve evolved so much in the past few years. As I’ve been pulled closer, and closer in alignment with my purpose, shifting my focus from professional work, to purposeful work, is what yielded my most recent rebrand. Here, I learned that half the battle of rebranding is mental, because you can’t explain what you don’t under- stand. With that, below are five gems on reinventing your personal brand from the inside out . 1. ACCEPTING EVOLVEMENT The first and most important step, is accepting this change into your life. As someone who believes in total harmony, I don’t see our personal brands as an independent of ourselves, but as extensions of our true selves. Given that, this INNOVATION ISSUE change for you, isn’t just going to be on an internet-based level, but on an internal one as well. 2. DETERMINE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN Here, I could have easily said, determine what you would like to be seen, and in a way this is very similar. As you are thinking about who you are, do the work to understand what your purpose is, and what your ‘Why’ is. From there, on a more granular level, thin F&Vvv@RvBF&Rv&WBRbRǐBRW76vRF6R&GFRFfvBP֗76FWBv@vVBB&SFV&VvFFF&VvW 66WBBv66‡2vVB&R&RFƖgFBW'6R2U%4PĔd4D5E$DTu6R^( fRfwW&V@WBv662P6VBW6RFƖgW"W76vRN( 2FPF6'BWBFRrऒfW'f7VBVVBFw2FP6V6Rג'&vfVFB( BV6W&vRPFfWB6pW&&6bVVG0&֖B6v66prW"FV2FFW FRFW"'W@&R'FFǒpWfW'Fr7FV2&F