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Our Reconciliation Journey The desire to embark on our journey towards reconciliation has been gaining momentum throughout all levels of our organisation including Board, Executive Team and staff for several years. KU’s formal journey of reconciliation began in 2013, when the KU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs Manager was invited and strongly supported by KU to be a member of the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Reconciliation Advisory Group. At the same time, KU observed an increasing number of staff engaged in discussions about raising awareness and showing an appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. Collaboration More than thirty people, including eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, have collaborated over three years in the development of KU’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Members of KU’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group (Reference Group), Executive Team, Education Committee and the KU Board, have worked closely alongside a KU RAP Working Group, made up of staff representatives from across the organisation, to support the development of this plan. KU’s Reference Group in particular, has been instrumental in providing significant guidance and putting forward recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer for the consideration of directions for KU as an organisation, specifically relating to the recognition and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families, communities, culture and histories. This has included examining the ways in which KU can: Support the implementation of KU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs; Expand and enhance culturally inclusive programs within KU services; and Support the Implementation of KU’s Reconciliation Action Plan. Engagement and first steps When presented with the idea and intention of developing a RAP, the KU Board were supportive and committed to the organisation taking this step forward, recognising the benefits of reconciliation in early childhood education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and for all Australians. In June 2014, the aim of developing a Reflect RAP was first communicated to all KU staff, with Expressions of Interest sought for the establishment of the KU’s RAP Working Group. The response to this plan and the EOI indicated a strong level of interest and commitment from across the organisation. To support this process, and ensure expertise and representation from all teams and Departments, the KU Executive Team, Education Support and Family Programs teams and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs, also made specific nominations of representatives to the KU RAP Working Group. Membership of the KU RAP Working Group over the last two years has included a cross-section of KU staff and always included at least two Aboriginal people: Manager, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs – RAP Working Group Chairperson General Manager, Early Childhood Education General Manager, Early Education Inclusion Manager, Education Support and Family Services Director, KU Macquarie Fields Preschool Director, KU Sunbeam Preschool Director, KU Lance Preschool & Children’s Centre Teacher, St George Bank Child Care Centre Manager, Marketing and Communications Practice Manager, Early Childhood Education At its first meeting, the KU RAP Working Group’s key objectives were established as; Being the driving force for setting up KU’s RAP Supporting the development and setting of meaningful and achievable targets Actively engaging in discussions with staff, children,families and communities at local and regional levels Gu Y[H][Y[[[\[Y[][ۈقHT][H\X\و[][ۜ\\X[ܝ[]Y\‚H][X][HX[ۜ[]Y\وHT \[[]H\][ۈوB[\[Y[][ۈ\[H][ܝ\X[Y[][ۜHYY^X]]HٙX\H[ZYHH]\B\X[ۜوHܙ[\][ۂ