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A message from the Chair At this important time in Australia’s evolution, we as a country are accepting our responsibility to acknowledge and reconcile with this country’s First Nations peoples, and at KU Children’s Services we are deeply committed to this action. As an original pioneer, and now a leader in the early childhood sector, KU is taking an active role in this emerging dialogue of recognition and reconciliation. Informed by a considerable process of consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, our staff and stakeholders, we are pleased and proud to be launching our KU Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan. Through our continual commitment to progressive and engaging early childhood education programs, KU has always embraced and advocated for change that benefits the lives of all our youngest Australians, and our Reconciliation Action Plan recognises our critical role in facilitating that change through the education of the next generation. Our Reconciliation Action Plan, presented with the full support of our Board, conveys KU’s ongoing learning and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander histories, cultures and communities, and reflects KU’s deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. In this sense, our vision for reconciliation is directly influencing the way we continue to shape and evolve KU, and as we nurture the creators, thinkers and doers of today and tomorrow. As Chair of KU at the time of this significant milestone in its history, I am proud on behalf of the Board to endorse KU’s commitment to this Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan. David McCracken Chair, Board of Directors A message from the CEO Last year throughout KU, we celebrated 120 years of our strong and unwavering commitment to providing high quality education and care programs to young children since our foundation in 1895. To mark the occasion, we published a commemorative history ‘As the twig bends, so the tree grows’, which captures the growth and diversification of KU over 120 years, whilst remaining strongly grounded in our values. As we move forward into a new era, I am immensely proud that the publication of the KU Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan is a significant milestone throughout the whole organisation as we commit to promoting positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and indeed all Australians. We are proud to see the tree of learning, that so aptly reflected our 120 year journey, also reflected within the artwork commemorating and adorning the Reconciliation Action Pl )]ͼݱݔٔՍѼɸɽȁЁ9ѥ́쁍ձɕ́ɥ䁅͡쁄ɽ)͕͔Ѽɥȁѡȁչ쁅ѽѡЁ́ȁѡ́ͅ啅쁱ɔ-We)ѽ䁉)́ѡЁɥɽ٥ȁՅ䁕ɱ䁕ՍѥɅݔ܁ѡхe)ɱ啅́مՔѡé䁅́ѡȁЁɕЁՍѽȸQɱé1ɹɅݽɬe1) ɕ́ȁɽ́ݔݽɬѹ͡ݥѠչхѡх)ɕѥ́͡مՔɕ́ѡ䁅ɔѡɔ쁅܁ѡЁѡɥ́ݔɽ٥)ѼɕݥٔЁѡȁɔٔɹѡձѥєՍ́ȁѥ)QԁѼѡ-TݡɥѕѼѡ́хЁյаѥձɱ䁵́)ɥQɕ́MɅЁ%ͱȁIɕɽѡIѥѥA]ɭɽ͕)]ͽ5ȁɥQɕ́MɅЁ%ͱȁAɽɅ̸=ȁݽɬٕѡ́IѥѥAݥ)ɔɥQɕ́MɅЁ%ͱȁ̰ѡȁձɕ́ѽɥ́ɔɕѕɕѕѡɽ՝)-T́ݔѥՔѼɕѡȁѵЁɅѥ́ɕѥ() ɥѥ1) ᕍѥٔ=((0