Innovate RAP - Page 4

Growing Our Children ”This painting celebrates our children in their journey of learning and acknowledges the safe, happy and supportive environment in which they grow. The tree of learning transforms and encourages a child (butterfly) to reach their full potential. Its foundation honours the wisdom and resilience (flannel flowers) of our Elders (past and present). The hands (people) depict the knowledge of our Ancestors and those who teach, protect and nurture all our beloved children, wherever they are – by the oceans, the rivers and the deserts.” About the Artist – Karen Maber Karen strongly respects her Darug and Dharawal Ancestors and acknowledges their continuous presence in her life. Karen was born and raised along the waterways in Sydney’s south. She also belongs to the Blue Mountains community, west of Sydney, where she lives with her family. Karen’s artwork explores and celebrates the relationships between people, place, emotions and spirituality. Her passion for art is to encourage and support personal and collective journeys of healing.