Innovate RAP - Page 16

2.5 Visibly demonstrate respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures in our workplace 2.4 Celebrate and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dates of significance Action Responsibility Chairperson, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Reference Group 2.3.7 Continue to encourage and support KU centres to hold Manager, Aboriginal & Torres internal NAIDOC Week events and activities. Strait Islander Programs 2.4.1 Include a list of significant dates and related information Manager, Marketing & in the KU Calendar. Communications 2.4.2 Provide and promote information related to each Manager, Marketing & significant date to staff and families. Communications 2.4.3 Proactively promote the importance of key dates of Chief Executive Officer significance through involvement of Senior Management in events and encouraging staff to learn more about why these dates are so significant. 2.4.4 Host an internal event for National Aboriginal and Torres Chairperson, Aboriginal & Strait Islander Children’s Day and encourage KU centres to Torres Strait Islander Reference conduct their own. Group 2.5.1 Regularly feature positive media stories on Aboriginal Manager, Marketing & and Torres Strait Islander staff and stakeholders in internal Communications and external communications. 2.5.2 Display the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in Chief Executive Officer Central Office. 2.5.3 Include an Acknowledgement of Country in our staff’s Chief Executive Officer email signatures. 2.5.4 Display Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork in Manager, Marketing & Central Office. Communications 2.3.6 Support an external NAIDOC Week community event. Deliverable March 2017 October 2017 March 2017 May, July, September 2017, 2018 August 2017, 2018 January 2017 January 2017 January 2017 July 2017, 2018 July 2017, 2018 Timeline