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General Manager, Early May 2017, 2018 Education Professional Practice Chairperson, Aboriginal & July 2017, 2018 Torres Strait Islander Reference Group 2.2 Engage employees in 2.2.1 Develop, implement and communicate a cultural protcol Manager, Aboriginal & Torres May 2017 understanding the significance document for Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Strait Islander Programs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Country. Islander cultural protocols, 2.2.2 Develop a list of key contacts for organising a Welcome Manager, Aboriginal & Torres May 2017 including the meaning and delivery to Country and maintain respectful partnerships. Strait Islander Programs of Welcome to Country and 2.2.3 Invite a Traditional Owner to deliver a Welcome to General Manager, Early May & October 2017, 2018 Acknowledgement of Country Country at a minimum of one KU event each year, for Education Professional Practice example the KU Annual Conference, or our internal NRW or NAIDOC Week events. 2.2.4 Develop and display an Acknowledgment of Country at Chief Executive Officer May 2017 Central Office and on the KU Website. 2.2.5 All teams and departments at Central Office including Chief Executive Officer May 2017 Board and Executive will include an Acknowledgement of Country at the commencement of internal and external team meetings. 2.3 Provide opportunities for 2.3.1 Review HR policies and procedures to ensure there are General Manager, People March 2017 Aboriginal and Torres Strait no barriers to staff participating in NAIDOC Week. Services & IT Islander staff to engage with 2.3.2 Circulate and promote national, state, regional and Manager, Aboriginal & Torres July 2017, 2018 cultures and communities by local NAIDOC Week events, activities and resources to staff, Strait Islander Programs celebrating NAIDOC Week families and key stakeholders. 2.3.3 Provide opportunities for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Chief Executive Officer July 2017, 2018 Islander staff to participate with cultures and communities during NAIDOC Week. 2.3.4 Provide opportunities for Central Office staff to Chief Executive Officer July 2017, 2018 participate in NAIDOC Week activities. 2.3.5 In consultation with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Manager, Aboriginal & Torres July 2017, 2018 Islander organisation in our sphere of influence, hold an Strait Islander Programs internal or external NAIDOC Week event. 2.1.6 Explore opportunities for KU staff to attend and engage in the Reconciliation Symposium – Advancing Reconciliation in Early Childhood Education and Care. 2.1.7 Investigate local cultural experiences and immersion opp չѥ̸((0