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Consolidation and development Supporting centre-specific reconciliation At each stage of the RAP process, KU continued to: Staff participation in cultural competency training and broadening knowledge of KU’s RAP development, generated an increased awareness of reconciliation and interest from centre-based staff in engaging with the Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program. Alongside KU’s RAP, the development of centre-specific RAPs through Narragunnawali, will enable individual centres to demonstrate their own commitment to reconciliation and begin work within their own communities. Implement strategies reflective of our commitment to reconciliation Engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, communities, services and organisations Nurture positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children Recognise and value the cultural identity and connections Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have within the community Provide culturally safe, secure and stimulating environments Facilitating action During the 2016 National Reconciliation Week, resources and information were distributed widely throughout KU, and a number of KU services and Central Office staff chose to take part in a range of NAIDOC Week events and activities. Staff also chose to attend other community events throughout the year, including: KU Hebersham staff, children and families joining the Reconciliation March in Mt Druitt An Indigenous Literacy Day Fundraising Event hosted at KU Central Office Three KU services, including 55 children, attending the City of Sydney’s NAIDOC event in Hyde Park Local service involvement in community and centre-based NAIDOC events at KU Windale, KU Berowra, KU Hebersham, KU Peter Pan La Perouse and The Joey Club Melbourne KU Peter Pan La Perouse children, families and staff attending the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day morning tea at NSW Parliament House. From Reflect to Innovate As KU advanced towards the development of a Reflect RAP, our commitment to reconciliation continued to be reflected through practices of cultural protocols, raising awareness, cultural learning, establishing and strengthening relationships and engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout the organisation. In 2016, recognising the work already undertaken by KU, and acknowledging the intentions to reconciliation that we had displayed, KU progressed to develop an Innovate RAP, with the support of Reconciliation Australia, as we had alr •…‘䁵½Ù•‰•å½¹Ñ¡”I•™±•Ð)I@Íх”¸)Q¡”½ÁÁ½ÉÑÕ¹¥ÑäÑ¼ÁɽÉ•Í́ѼÑ¡”%¹¹½Ù…Ñ”I@¥Ì)„Ý•±½µ”¡…±±•¹”™½È-TƒŠLÝ¡¥±”„I•™±•ÐI@)¥Ì½¹”Ý¡¥ ‰Õ¥±‘́ѡ”™½Õ¹‘…Ñ¥½¹Ì½˜É•±…Ñ¥½¹Í¡¥ÁÌ°)ɕÍÁ•Ð…¹½ÁÁ½ÉÑÕ¹¥Ñ¥•Ì™½È½É…¹¥Í…Ñ¥½¹ÌÍхÉÑ¥¹œ½ÕÐ)½¸Ñ¡•¥ÈÉ•½¹¥±¥…Ñ¥½¸©½Õɹ•ä°½¹Í½±¥‘…Ñ¥¹œÕÉɕ¹Ð)ÁɅÑ¥•Ì¥¹Ñ¼…¸%¹¹½Ù…Ñ”I@Áɽ٥‘•ÌÑ¡”Í½±¥‰…Í”)™½È-TÑ¼¥¹Ñɽ‘Ս”…¹¥µÁ±•µ•¹Ð¹•Ü…¹¥¹¹½Ù…Ñ¥Ù”)…ÁÁɽ…¡•Ì…́ѡ”½É…¹¥Í…Ñ¥½¸µ½Ù•Ì™½É݅ɐ½¸¥ÑÌ)©½Õɹ•ä¸((0