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Leadership and advocacy Following a meeting with Reconciliation Australia, the RAP Working Group nominated a member of the KU Executive Team to be the RAP Champion, responsible for advocating for, and ensuring the development and implementation of the RAP within KU. The current RAP Champion is the General Manager Early Education Inclusion. Subsequent RAP Working Group meetings allowed time for the results and feedback from the staff surveys to be shared, discussed and collated. This information not only provided a snapshot of the level of understanding of KU staff on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and heritage, but also provided a solid basis and guided the direction for creating the RAP. Through this cycle of continual consultation, achievable actions aimed at meeting the needs of all staff, were able to be embedded within the RAP. Sharing perspectives Internal consultation The momentum of developing the RAP was maintained through a series of RAP Working Group meetings, with regular input sought from KU staff, including the completion of a whole of KU staff survey, gathering information from across the organisation on: Levels of cultural competency The types of relationships staff held with members of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Levels of engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the delivery of the educational program Understanding and inclusion of an Acknowledgment of Country or Welcome to Country at a local, regional and Central Office level Types of specific cultural training undertaken by individuals in recent years KU Practice Managers and Education Support Managers also participated in an additional survey, considering; How KU’s Values were reflected in our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities What KU’s work may look like after a review of current work practices In May 2015, six KU representatives attended the ‘Reconciliation Symposium – Advancing reconciliation in early childhood education and care’ in Adelaide, hosted by Early Childhood Australia (ECA). The Reconciliation Symposium explored the nature of reconciliation within the context of early childhood, featuring leaders in early education and reconciliation. It provided opportunities for the participants to contribute their shared knowledge and dialogue in formal group discussions and informal networking. In May 2016, a further twelve KU representatives attended the Reconciliation Symposium in Sydney. There, a number of KU representatives were asked to be table facilitators and KU’s Manager, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs participated in a panel discussion on ‘Reconciliation in action: Respect, Relationships, Opportunities’.