InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 93

when they look at me in public. I get a lot of people that love the tattoo culture that come up to me and ask me for pictures, and of course, there are the negative people that look at me like my life is ruined. A lot of people think that I would never get a good paying job because of my ink, but little do they know, I have my own business, my music career, and comedy. I respect people’s opinions but people mostly talk shit on social media when they know they can say whatever they want without saying it to my face. Every tattoo expo and car show I go to, I take pictures with tattoo lovers. I just stay positive no matter what. You’ve become quite a social media personality, what keeps your fans engaged? I stay working on social media 24/7, making sure my fans see me every day live on Facebook and/or I’ll make funny videos talking shit about stupid and funny things going on in this world. I always respond to my social media fans and make sure I post where I’m going to be doing shows or signing autographs. My fan base has grown so much thanks to the 8 years of hard work, staying true to myself, and paying my dues. I’ve actually been working with a lot of cool people, such as Papa Roach, The Game, Tyga, Nipsey Hustle, Cypress Hill, Bush, Ty Dalla $, the list goes on. I also just recently did a badass photo shoot with German clothing company, Yakuza. I’m a really down to earth person; I show the same love to everyone that shows me love. When I go up on stage, people already know my vibes so everyone smiles. I’m thankful that I can represent myself and my lifestyle in my comedy and rap. 91