InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 92

10 Questions with Carlos “Mr. Nasty” Orellana WITH "MR NASTY" ORELLANA Words: Candies Deezy Liu / Photography: Sean Hartgrove So, my secret is: stay away from negative people and surround yourself with the most respectful and positive people. Can you tell us about the tattoo psycho movement? I was getting tattooed one time by a tattoo artist in Lompoc (Eddie Tovar). He was tattooing my chin and a customer walks in and says, “Mr.Nasty, you’re a Tattooed Psycho.” I said, “hell yeah I am!” 2 to 3 days later, I told myself I was going to name myself Tattoo Psycho. Months went by and I ended up using it as my clothing line. Now the brand is a known all over the world. I have friends, fans, and supporters that have Tattoo Psycho logos tattooed on them. My business partner and I own the Tattoo Psychos brand. Check it out at: WWW.TATTOOPSYCHOS.COM. How did the persona of “Mr Nasty” develop? Well, my persona as nasty boy started when I was in kindergarten. I was always girl crazy. I never had any filter in the w ^HH[Y[H\[^\ZY\[\H]B\ˈ\^K[\[Y BXHH[\H]\Y[YB\]]\X\X[YYN]8&\›[H^H\KHݙHHYY\˂[x&\HX][H]Y]HX]]HXK]8&\[\Xܙ]’H]HY[][]Y[H^H N\^KH\[^\\H]\H[YBH]Y ]\H^HZ[H[و\ۈH\ˈx&]H[^\Y[H\H\ۈ[[^\XYH\B]\[ۙH\[YH\]Y[[Z[[ˈ[HH\[ XX\˜[^\YHH\[ [[ܘ^K]8&\ܘ^HX]\H[[HYHYK^H[x&[H\\ܙK[H]Y[\X\x&[H\HY[\\X[^HY\[][H[&]YBH\ۈH\ˈH][ۙ]]\[ۙKHY\^HZ[[H]]HۙB[]8&\H[HZHH\[YKL[\YXY^[KBH[\[[x&\HH\\[\H]X]] H]HY[\[[HH\[Y]H]\]\[\KH\˜[^\\]H]X\[YYBXZH[H]Y H\YZ[]\[\H[H\ [H\YXZ[›]\X]YHZYܚY[ˈB]\X[HYH[HXHXܙ[[[H[[H[YH\] MۙˈH[X\Y^H[[K8'HYHو\'BX]YH][[ۈوHو\\’Hܙ]\\[[ˈH[Y\][œYۙYHHY[\H][X[ ”ٚ[HXܙ[[YYˈH[H[B\وXܙ[^H\XZ[X[B[[K[x&\H[HYYX[\H[H[[\][ۈ܈[\YYO’HݙH\]Y\[ۋH[^\[BY[HZ^X\\]KSY[B[\[ܙH^YXX\[[Y[H]\\Kx&[H[\YHH^\\HX]\وX x&[H[ݙ\^H[ۈ\[\XHYYX\Z[]Y\8'\ۋ8'B'[Y\]Y 8'H8'Y\ 8'H[8'[Z[HXYY 'HHݙHXZH[B]Y][H^HX\ H\Y\\[\]H]HH[UXB[[  PTԑSSJK]8&\\HH]HYYH[Y[[\ [Z[H[\ܚ[][[\œ[K]\ؘY\[H]O’H[ܛ[H[ˈH]HY[ܛ[œYHوH\[H[[HܛH\[HX\\ܜ[ۈ[\\\YH\\[H\]Z[X[[[H\\ۋH[ܛ[X]\HHݙH [B[YHYHۈ[UXHX][Hܛ8&\š\[\]8&\ܘ^KY^H\Y\\\œ[Y H[H[H[H\[Kܛ[[[[[ˈHܙ]\][˜[HX][۝\]^HY[&HYˈB\Y[[و[H] MYX\ ’x&[H؜\Y][\[\\ ]\Hܘ^Y\][H]O•Hܘ^Y\]H]HH[]H^B\H ]ZY\H]HX\Xܛ›^HXˈ MH[\ۙ[ MH[\YKHY^HY[]YH وH^Y\Y[ZY H] \[ۜ›ݙ\ MH\ˈHݙH]Y H\H[]HXYH]Y\]]H[YKH\ NN’H\\^\Y[[HZ[]\Y][X[H[Hۛ˜X][O•[ [H\[YHx&[HY^X[X]\Bx&[HH][[[YܛXH]x&[HXX[BX][X[[H\ܛ[ NN [[YB[YܛXH\[[Y[[ NN H[]BY[x&[HH[[YHY x&[H[ܝ]^HYH]H[H[[[ܙ\[ˈHZ[^HYHYܙ\]B]]\ZKH]H\Y\ H[K[^H]Y\\ L ]\[\\ۜH[[B[Y[ۈ[\]•Hۙ\ Hو[HX\\Y