InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 78

past 5 years, I have been greatly interested in indigenous cultures and the practice of shamanism and healing through tattoos. This is an ancient practice that I see playing out in the present day with people going through incredible transformation and healing when getting tattooed. Many of my friends who are tattoo artists are also interested in shamanism and I love to hang out with them to expand my knowledge further. I especially love to spend time in New Zealand with shamanic tattoo artists who have taught me a great deal about their spiritual practices behind tattooing. I have great respect for all indigenous cultures, especially in Australia as the Aboriginal culture is so ancient holding vast knowledge about the land and the universe. I only hope to gain a fraction of this knowledge in my lifetime and use it to help those around me. What inspires you when you create? I am inspired to create and portray my view of the world. I dream of 76 world peace and of a time when everyone becomes one realising that we are all the same. A lot of my artwork comes from this place and a lot of my customers are attracted to my art wanting designs that represent similar things such as their own spirituality. What do you enjoy most about tattooing, and what are some of the challenges? I love everything about tattooing, I love interacting with my customers for so long, I love being creative and artistic all day, and I love traveling, I love the depth and spirituality behind tattooing, I love the inks and the technical side, the actual art of putting ink under the skin, the colours, and playing music all day. Ilove the whole process. Art could be a great influence on someone’s personality. What is the best lesson that you’ve learned from your art journey? Art has taught me to connect with my soul. When I am painting and