InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 58

InkSpired Magazine: Who are your tattoo artists? Andreea Rosse: I’ve been tattooed by a lot of great artists from our country and other countries as well - Marius (BAS Tattoo), Dorin (Old Bastards), Ktt Murder and recently, Sfantu (Red Ink) who became my favorite. But there are still many out there I absolutely love and I hope one day I’ll have something done by them. InkSpired Magazine: What role do tattoos play in your life? Andreea Rosse: They’re part of me. Every single tattoo I have on my body, it’s part of my story. Some are done to heal wounds, some are done to represent something from my life, some are just things I love. I could not imagine myself without them. InkSpired Magazine: What inspires you? Andreea Rosse: Life, people, experiences. I’m a very positive person and I try to find the good in every situation and the light in every dark corner. As I said before, art was something that has been around me since I’ve known myself, so I tried to find different ways to express what I feel: drawing, writing, or maybe - getting a new tattoo? InkSpired Magazine: Do you have any people that you are inspired by? Andreea Rosse: People that do good. I love that kind of people. People that are humble, kind, and positive. People that work hard and stay true. First, to themselves and then to everyone else. It’s a pretty fucked up world we live in, and I honestly realized I do not have time for anything else but good, happiness, and love. InkSpired Magazine: What is something that many people don’t know about you? Andreea Rosse: I’m very shy and I struggled with depression and anxiety. Thankfully, the dark clouds are gone for now, but there are still times when I get anxious and sadly, many people mistake it for arrogance. It’s not. I’m kindhearted and very friendly. 56