InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 5

As we head into the 42nd issue of InkSpired Magazine, we are excited to bring you a fresh spin on our existing concept. Each new issue of InkSpired presents a different story, a contrasting mindset, another angle of the things we get to experience each month. A story came across my desk that reminded me of where I came from, where I’ve been, and where I’m headed: Unwritten Law. Not only have I been listening to them for more than a decade, “Seein’ Red” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is one of those anthems that brings me back into a whirlwind of memories every time I hear it. As a band that has progressed with the evolution of alternative rock, interviewing them this month has been significantly symbolic of my own progression. GhostCircus Apparel graces the fashion section and our cover this month, featuring model, Shannon Sumner by Keith Selle Photography. Working with the fashion line’s mastermind, Eli James has been nothing short of a pleasure. Positive. Driven. Brilliant. a beautiful photo set by Mr. Gri. We also interview Carlos “Mr. Nasty” Orellana. In 10 questions that he very entertainingly answers, we learn more about the heavily tattooed personality who has built an empire and large fan base around his personal brand. As we transition from spring to summer, InkSpired delves into stories that is representative of the core of tattoo culture progression, passion, support, and reminders of the lighter side of life. This month, we lost one of the greatest contributors and original documentarians of tattoo photography and underground culture: Charles Gatewood. An icon of modern photography, he will be greatly missed. ISSUE NO. 42 DEDICATED IN FOND MEMORY OF CHARLES GATEWOOD Signed, Candies Deezy Liu, Editor-in-Chief As supporters of tattooed veterans since the inception of InkSpired, we are proud and excited to feature Curtis Bean’s Art of War Project in InkSpired Story. Guest writer, Cameron Cowan interviews Curtis to share how his awe-inspiring nonprofit helps veterans through the power of art. In “Interview,” we host a Q&A with alternative model from Romania, Andreea Rosse with 3