InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 42 - Page 21

GhostCircus Apparel is a high end, rockstar chic, lifestyle oriented fashion line created by drummer, producer, and designer, Eli James. In his time as a performer, Eli constantly found himself altering his clothes from different designers. As he began customizing clothes for himself and his friends to wear, he quickly gained the attention of fellow musicians who would ask to buy and wear his designs. When it came time to think of a name for his newfound passion, Eli decided to combine his love of the supernatural, ghosts and how he describes his life, “a circus.” And thus, GhostCircus Apparel was born: March 1st, 2015. Though in its early stages, GhostCircus is quickly taking the musician’s fashion world by storm. As a busy musician always on the run, Eli wanted to create clothing that would fit his active lifestyle, whether he was practicing with his bands, including Julien K, Skold, and his solo project, the Eli James Experience, traveling, playing shows, going to meetings, hanging with friends, and everything in between. “I don’t want to change five thousand times a day, and I love to layer. Living in Los Angeles, it’s super hot. So it’s nice to wear comfortable clothes that are light and breathable that you can layer wherever you go. That way, you’re not wearing the same thing throughout the day,” says Eli. GhostCircus brilliantly meshes comfort with style fit for any occasion. Because everything at GhostCircus is designer in all its glory and handcrafted, Eli says that every piece is a little different from the next. When it comes to inspiration, his visions for designs come from the fabric. Eli’s individual style is raw and edgy, with post-apocalyptic influences. Think - Edward Scissorhands meets Star Wars and Mad Max, and had a stylish love child. Though he credits a lot of his stylistic influences to futuristic appeal, Eli also pulls from the trends of the ‘80s, creating a fashion all his own. Instagram & Twitter: @GhostCircus_ “JUST BE. THE REST WILL FOLLOW.” 19