InkSpired Magazine Issue No. 40 - Page 4

Editor-in-Chief - Candies Deezy Liu Creative Director - Sean Hartgrove Art Director - David Rossa Piercing Editor - Sean Dowdell European Editor - Ákos Bánfalvi Website Manager - Cameron Cowan Staff Photographers - Radek Photography & Billy Ward Video Services - James Coulter of Moo Dog Productions, LTD. Lowbrow Art: Then and Now Story: Cameron Cowan Piercing: Patrick Tidwell Interview: Sean Dowdell American Hat Makers: Adam Rose Tattoo Designs Story: Candies Deezy Liu Photography: Sean Hartgrove The Tattooed Gentleman: Richard Kennedy Story: Kate Monahan Photography: Justin L. Stanley Rockin’ and Rollin’: Chef Gray Story: Candies Deezy Liu Photography: Sean Hartgrove Tattooed Model: Geri Martini Interview: Candies Deezy Liu Photography: Sean Hartgrove Tattoo Artist: Santa Perpetua Interview: Ákos Bánfalvi Who’s on the cover Model: Ash Costello Photography: Jim Louvau Ash Costello Gets Real Interview & Photography: Jim Louvau Lowbrow Art: Then and Now graces our art section this month as we explore the history of this genre of art and its pivotal role in tattooing. WIth still a powerful impact in the art world today, the populist art movement is still a favorite in counterculture and mainstream trends alike. From fashion to cars and everything in between, it expressively transcends various mediums we indulge in. In fashion, we feature Adam Rose’s tattoo designs with American Hat Makers. These hats are all American made with unique designs and the highest quality of materials. Our InkSpired Story this month highlights Chef Gray Rollin, known as the “rock ‘n’ roll chef.” As a tour chef, he has an impressive résumé of cooking for some of your favorite musicians around the world. his career thus far, and where he wants to be in five years. In Positive Spin, Kate Monahan interviews, Richard Kennedy to explore the story behind his brainchild, The Gypsy Gentleman. The series is a brilliant exploration of tattoos in various cultures and countries. In Issue No. 40, meet tattooed model, Geri Martini shot by Sean Hartgrove. With yet another month of the exploration of tattoo culture and lifestyle evolving ahead of us, I ask you, “what ‘InkSpires’ you?” Signed, Your Chief Editor- Candies Deezy Liu Tattoo artist, Santa Perpetua, with an interview by Ákos Bánfalvi, shows us the many sides of her tattooing and art. The UK based artist’s style combines watercolor, abstractism, trash polka, and surrealism with splashes of color and solid technique. In music, Ash Costello gets real with Jim Louvau. In an exclusive interview, New Year’s Day’s lead singer dishes about the band’s latest record, Malevolence, trials and tribulations with past members, and what it’s like having such a huge following. Sean Dowdell interviews Patrick Tidwell for the piercing section this month. The veteran piercer tells us about his humble beginnings, Advertising info: 2 3