INK! Volume 3 Issue 2 Spring 2014


Thornton Academy's Arts & Literature Magazine

COVER ART: Lea Nason, '14

Volume 3 Issue 2 Spring 2014



Titles and Student Names in: Aller (Titles Bold, Names Regular)

Article Text in: Chucaratext 20 pt

Caption Text in: Aller Italic, 16 pt

Use the provided color boxes to create background for title text when appropriate (each has a different level of transparency) by copying and pasting, then stretching as needed)

You can change the color on the left (think of using the dropper to match color to page art OR use the INK standard below.

Remember to consider space - can you use one page of a double page spread to have a full page gallery of art? Or spread one picture across a double page spread for a big impact?

With text, please stay within the established guides for space. Wrap text around photos to work with space when appropriate.

TA's Annual Art Exhibition

Backstage at Pippin with the TA Players

Wordsmith: Lindsay Walls-Ott'16