Ingenieur Vol. 75 ingenieur July 2018-FA - Page 76

Green Airports Recognition Platinum award in 2017 for the category of airports with 25 million passengers per annum (mppa). CHALLENGES IN GREEN AIRPORTS Sustainable energy systems development is challenging. Hence, without commitment and passion as key drivers, it is tough for any organisation to excel in this area. Establishing the stand and platform for energy management plans and policies, and gaining the Management’s commitment and support from top to down is crucial in realising this intention. Top management needs to pledge its commitment to continuously improve sustainable energy management for sustainable energy initiatives to be successful. Without sufficient resources or financial funding, the passion to implement the energy initiatives will fade away. Each airport is required to establish an Airport Energy Management Committee (AEMC) 74 VOL 75 JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018 to continuously support, plan and implement energy management plans. Justifications backed by studies and analyses must be prepared beforehand to convince the management of the positive business and environmental impacts towards the organisation to gain their confidence. Communication is also important to convince and engage with the stakeholders. We must always take all processes step by step in order to achieve the targets and objectives along the given timeline. CONCLUSION Continuous improvement efforts on planning, training, competency development and assessments will facilitate the growth of sustainable energy initiatives at airports in order for us to work in a better environment in the future. Therefore, the journey must start now and moving forward, we must adopt more sustainable energy initiatives to materialise our intentions.