Ingenieur Vol. 75 ingenieur July 2018-FA - Page 73

Verified by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malay sia QAS Berhad) • • Mitigation Plan Improvements Comparing project performance against monthly energy performance/ Yearly Building Energy Index (BEI) • • • • • Committee Meeting AEEPI registration Key-in monthly data AEEPI Project Implementation AEEPI Tracking Performance To ensure efficient implementation energy of management , the Airport Energy Management Figure2: of Process e-energy dashboard system Committee (AEMC) was established with the objective to introduce the Airport Energy Efficiency Programme Initiative (AEEPI) at the airport level. This programme will assist in 2015-2017 the reporting and analysis of energy consumption using data extracted from the e-Energy Air Conditioning and Mechanical Lighting of energy savings Dashboard system, which can then be used as a basis for the planning Ventilation System (ACMV) initiatives. ● ● Minimising air handling unit ● ● Replace and rearrange lamp bay. (AHU) operation at corridor areas ● ● Reduce/minimise electricity consumption by installation of with Variable-speed drive (VSD) Residential Hardwired Lighting Timer at Distribution Board potential (DB) for lighting fixtures. ● ● Reduce using Air conditioning ● ● Optimum usage of lighting equipment after peak hours. Compressor during Operation ● ● Replacement with energy saving light for lifts. ● ● Hours Replacement of Downlights. ● ● Operate alternate air conditioning ● ● Replace existing fluorescent lights to LEDs. operation on Train Transit System ● ● Reduce usage of AGL circuit after peak hours (0100am- (TTS) trains 0600am). ● ● ● )x6W'2&W6VV@&W66VGVRW&FrFRbv7BƖvFrf"&)x)x6&v6W'2&VgW&&6V@)x)x&VGV6Rv7BƖvFrB6"&ƖvFrgFW"VW'2)x)xVW&w6frf"&fFƖvG2)x)x&VGV6RW&FFRbv7BƖvG2f"vB&r)x)x&VGV6RvW"W6vRb7G&VWBƖvFr)x)x&VFW7B6֖rBWFvrvFRffW2)x)x6fWW"ƖRVW&wF֗6F)x)x&VGV6RvW"67VFB&vvvRFƖr77FV0$2F&R#''G2VW&wVff6V7&w&FFfW2TU@s