Ingenieur Vol. 75 ingenieur July 2018-FA - Page 29

TALENT CULTIVATION In 2006, the MBIPV project initiated a programme in Malaysia to cultivate talent in designing, testing and commissioning GCPV systems. The initial setting-up involved an international expert, who is accredited by the International Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) as Master Trainer, to train local experts. At the end of the Train-of-Trainer (ToT) programme, two experts from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, were appointed as the first local trainers. Since then, GoM, through the then PTM and Ministry of Energy continued the effort in churning out competent local professionals and improving the various aspects at different levels. Presently, these competency programmes are conducted independently by SEDA and are on- going as follows: • PV Design Engineers – conducted at UiTM and Selangor Human Resource Development (SHRDC). • PV Installers – conducted at Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM) Wilayah Utara; SHRDC; Kedah Industrial Skills and Management Industrial Centre (KISMEC); Terengganu Skills Development Centre (TESDEC). • PV Technology for Chargeman/Wireman – conducted at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Gombak; Unversiti Teknikal Melaka (UTEM); ABM Wilayah Utara; Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA (KKTM) Pasir Mas; Institut Kemahiran MARA (IKM) Kota Kinabalu. • Train-of-Trainer (ToT) – conducted at UiTM Shah Alam. WAY FORWARD AND CONCLUDING REMARKS The inevitable upcoming technologies directly related to GCPV systems that are coming to our doors now are: • Energy Storage Systems (ESS) • Electric Vehicle charging stations • Smart Grid (SG) technology Malaysia, like the rest of the world must move forward with regards to RE technology generally and PV especially. It is very clear that there is a geo-political-economic power play, not just around the globe, but in our region as well. One of our neighbours is already leading in becoming a financial hub for RE in ASEAN, whilst another is already well known for vast capacities of PV installations. The truth is, Malaysia, with a combination of experienced personnel in the authority, industry, and academia, has a whole lot of field experience, capability, competency and documented know-how in this area. What we need now is confidence and a kick-start to make the quantum leap as the leading service provider in the region. For this, Malaysia needs to make good in the following areas to create an appealing business package: Institutional matters: • Policy – clear and definitive. • Financing – attractive. • Legal – cover all angles. Technical matters: • Products – high quality and acclimatized. • Engineering – well trained, competent and talented. • Monitoring – adept, automated and flexible. Human capacity programme: • Quality – competency programme must be high quality. • Systematic – training with high repeatability. • Organized – dedicated system of admin & implementation. Organisation and enforcement: • Standards – compatible with international standards. • Guidelines – practical, conducive and easy to use. • Procedures – safe, practical and accountable. The only way to go for Malaysia now is – forward! 27