Ingenieur Vol. 75 ingenieur July 2018-FA - Page 12

INGENIEUR Malaysia tripartite electricity trading among the three ASEAN countries; the agreement was signed at the ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM) in Manila last year. Energy Storage System (ESS) Within the energy balancing market, certain technologies will come in handy, e.g. energy storage systems (ESS). There are commercialised ESS that are able to handle various energy deficits that span intraday, intermediate and long haul gaps. Meanwhile, RE technologies continue to advance in terms of increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Technologies for reducing energy consumption are perhaps the lowest hanging fruits towards a more sustainable energy market in the country. ESS is one of the important elements required for a bigger share of solar PV in our system. Energy storage will provide the crucial energy balancing system needed to overcome the variability of solar energy. Battery storage systems are now undergoing the same trajectory in terms of price reduction and efficiency improvement that was once experienced by the solar modules. Coupled with other energy balancing systems, the argument about intermittency of variable RE can be put to rest. Future Direction Energy transition is mad HXH^HX]\BX\وHXY\ \XX[H\[[ H]HYYۚYX[Hݙ\H\XYK\[&]YH\H\\KZ[HYHHY\[H[]XH[\B]\X\[[\H[X[قXY][][\Yو[\H JH][ܙX\[XۛZY\و[K\[\X[B\]Z\Hݙ\Y[[\[[ۈXH[\BXY\˂L HH\\][ۜ\H\[HXX[܈X[^\XK[XX]H\Y\H[]Z]Hš[H[KXZ[H܈HX[ۂ\\]][H[ܙH^[]KH[]HHYH\\Hوۋ]\XXHH[œX\[\X[[\HY܈[X\L BMHSKTTSPTSH L N[ˈ\XXHHX\\\]Z\\B[[[X\]X]H\H[[X[و[XX]K\[\]Z\H\][[\Y[[XX[][ۜX\][]K\[B]\HܘYH\[\[\ۛX[ۈX[]Y\]ZY\[[XX]HܚYY[\Y BܘYH\[\[X\ܚY\[\˂[ܙ\܈[]XH[\H[H[H\[X[^\XK\H\H]\[\Y\Y\œX\][ۘ[\[XYHۈH[XX]B\YX\[\[[XX]HX\][[\KHYY܈H\YYHYH\HY[XX]H\[HHܙX][ۈو[[\B[[[X\]\\XXH[]XH[\B۝X][ۈ[ܙX\\[\X\[H^XBX\ܚY ۙHوHXZ[[X\܈\\H\H\HX\ܚY X[^\XH\[XYH\\[܂\ˈH[]X\H\HZ[][XBH][]H\[Y\ˈ]H]HY]YHB[[\X[\X[]HوHX\ܚY B]HXXY]X[\X][ۈ[X[ ]HY[وX\ܚYXY\H\\[H[]H[ܙH8'[[Y[x'BX\[X[YHH\\\HوH[H\[KH\[H[H[ܙH[[ZX˂][HXH[HXX[[[Y\X[\^]Y\[ܙHXY[N\ۛB]Y\[܈K]H[ܙX\HوK[[ؚ[]H \XX[BK]ZX\H[[\ݙ[Y[[]][KZ[ۈ]\BXY\H[\H[\H\Y[][[XY[YXK]\[[Y\ K˂R[Kܝ^K[K]\[H]BYY\H]H[\[X\[ۂ[[H PJHZX\]Y[ 8$̌ ]\\\[ؘ[[ [\H[[\š]HۘYY]H]\Hو[\H[H[XX]K[Y]و[X]H\[K\™[XX]H[HX\ۚ\Y Y]\[H[\HX܈\[\ܝ[[H[\H[][ۈ\܈[H[KY]\[H[\HX܈[\X[HY\ܙX][HX\ܚY [XY[\YXX[[[Y[H[YH[Z[[\X[\Š[\HX[Y[Y[\[\K[X[Y[™[XX]H\H[[X[ [X[YX\Y][XY\]H^[Y[YB]۝Y\X\H[\]و[ [ K؛X\YXX[[[Y[H RJK [[