Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 78

INGENIEUR What Others Say About Transportation Trends By Samniang Saenram McKINSEY & COMPANY Rail Sector’s changing Maintenance Game The rail sector is no exception when it comes to disruptive changes through digitisation. In a sector where fleet reliability is a key lever for increasing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), big data and advanced-analytics solutions, such as condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance, represent a great opportunity to yield the next big efficiency leap in maintenance—reducing the number of failures, the amount of unplanned maintenance, and eventually, the required level of reserve asset capacity for operators. How container shipping could reinvent itself for the digital age Let’s imagine it 50 years from now:- ● ● Autonomous 50,000-TEU ships will plow the seas — perhaps alongside modular, drone like floating containers — and the volume of container trade will be two to five times what it is today. ● ● Shor t-haul intra-regional traffic will increase as converging global incomes, automation, and robotics disperse manufacturing ɥ̸ хȁ)ݥѡѡȁЁݥɕ՝)ѡ͕ЁͥЁɅ)䁱ѡɕѼɥݥѠ)ѽٕȁMѠͥ+^<^<)ѕȁձѥمՔɽ她ٕɍ)ͽѥ危̰ѡɕȁ)ȁхȵ́͡(()Y=0()Y=0(ԁAI%0)U9))U9+^<^<)ɝ聑х䁕)ݥѠɽ ѽȁɥхѥ )مѥٔɍɅѥ̰ȁ͵)Չͥɥ́ѕ́ѡ)хѡͥɕЁ݅ɑ)́хͥ́ݥ٥Յ)ѥаͥхѕɅѥ́ݥ)ɕՍѡȁѕɵɥ̸)ݥ̰͕䁍ѕѡɽ՝)фѕ̰ݥٔձ䁑ѥ͕)ѽȁѕɅѥ́Ʌѥ)ѕ̸)ձ䁅ѽ́ɅЁݥ)ѕɽѽ݅ͅ)Ѽչɕѱ䁽Ѽѽ)Ʌ́Ս̰ݥѣ еٕɥ)䁑ɽ̸)Yɥѥɥѕɝ)Ʌѥ)ɥٕXͅ ٔɥ͕)ե䰁ѡ́Ѽɍ͔Չ̰ͥ)ѕ䁍̰Օɕձѥ̰)ɽՍЁɽ̸ٕɽѼذ)ѕɥ́Ѐɽ)ɽ᥵ѕULİȁ݅еȁѼ)ЁUL܁ȁ݅еȻ ]ѕ)́ɽ܁ULȁ݅еȰ)Ý͡ձٔЁѥѥٕ)ݥѠٕѥ̸ٕI݅ݕ)ͽɍ ձͼɅєх͡ɔ)ѡݽɱéɥݥѡѡЀԁ啅̰)ѡȁ́) ѥ́ѡЁٔɥɥѥ͕ɕՍѥ́)ȁѥɕ͔́ͥ́)Ʌѡ͡Ёѽ݅ɐÝܵɉɥ