Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 61

Figure 2: Government Asset Management Transformation (TAM) In knowledge acquisition, all information gathered through intellectual capital was consolidated into several topics. Then, all the topics identified were converted from information into codified knowledge and documented in the form of a conceptual diagram, manual, procedures and system application. Finally, the codified knowledge was applied through transferring and sharing within the organisation and other organisations. From the directions given by the Government through the Government Asset Management Committee, the Government Asset Management Policy serves as a guide to be used by every Government agency through the Total Asset Management (Pengurusan Aset Menyeluruh, PAM) approach so that the asset effectiveness and utilisation benefits attain optimum levels. However, the Government plans to go beyond facilities management, given sustainable development, by addressing the level of quality, safety, health, environment of the citizens. With this in mind, the concept of best practice of an asset management approach known as Total Asset Management (TAM) will be introduced, with the TAM Manual as part of the implementation strategy. The relationship between maintenance management, facilities management and TAM is shown in Figure 2. The concept of Total Asset Management was introduced as part of the Government’s effort to inculcate a new regime of maintenance culture in the public service in Malaysia. PWD as the Secretariat of the Government Asset Management Committee has embarked on the development of the TAM Manual (Manual Pengurusan Aset Menyeluruh, MPAM) and non-Movable Asset Management Procedures (Tatacara Pengurusan Aset Tak Alih, TPATA). The development of these documents also involves 59