Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 56

INGENIEUR The middle section of the High Line that crosses 10th Avenue is being turned into a viewing gallery with steps of seats for tourists to watch the busy traffic below. It is also used for stage performances or other cultural activities. 6 54 VOL 2018 VOL 74 55 APRIL-JUNE JUNE 2013 allow the plants to bleed through," said landscape architect James Corner, "almost as if the plants were colonising the paved areas. There's a sort of blending or bleeding or suturing between the hard paving, the surface for people to stroll on, and the plants." Stretches of track and ties hint at the High Line's former use, and portions of track are re-used for rolling lounges positioned for river views. The 120-species plant palette, curated by Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf, includes sturdy meadow plants (such as clump-forming grasses,  liatris, and  coneflowers), scattered stands of sumac and smokebush, and other non- native plants. The West side of Manhattan has been transformed from an industrial district into residential and commercial neighbourhoods with new parks and cultural activities. The High Line is a physical reminder of the important role of the railroad in New York City’s industrial past. It is hailed as an urban renewal triumph and has since spawned a series of copycats such as The 606 in Chicago and The Goods Line in Sydney.