Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 54

INGENIEUR HIGH LINE OF MANHATTAN, NEW YORK By Chin Siew Yin The High Line is a disused Elevated Railway Track turned into a city park and pedestrian walk. It has become a popular tourist attraction. O n my recent trip to New York, a Malaysian American, Terence Low, insisted that I visit the Manhattan ‘High Line,’ knowing that heritage engineering works interest me. Terence explained that the High Line is an elevated pedestrian walkway cum garden cutting across busy downtown Manhattan. Taking the Metro subway line 7 from Elmhurst, we took off from the last station, Hudson Station 34 Street. Within a short walk, we were already at the Hudson waterfront, formerly the busy New York harbour. It is also the northern tip of the High Line, climbing gradually to about 10m above the ground, winding its way southwards into the city center. 6 52 VOL 2018 VOL 74 55 APRIL-JUNE JUNE 2013 It was a worthwhile trip, walking along the abandoned rail tracks while looking at the city from an elevated platform. Lining the High Line were information boards relating the history of the High Line. Reading the historical information to understand the transformation of this abandoned elevated rail track was equally interesting. The 19 th century brought a population boom and rapid growth in manufacturing to New York City. To serve the growing metropolis, freight rail lines were constructed along the city streets and waterfronts. The West Side وX[][\H[x&\\Y\[\X[]\۝ [N H]Hو][ܚ]]ܚ\YY]][