Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 39

Penang Ferry- Heritage Sea Transport I t has been recorded that the Penang Ferry is the oldest shuttle ferry service in Malaysia that provides sea transportation across the narrow Penang Strait (approximately 3.2km wide between the narrowest points) that separates Penang Island and the mainland peninsular. The service links the Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal in Georgetown City on Penang Island and the Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal in Butterworth on the mainland. by Ir. Dr Oh Seong Por The first cross strait transit was started in 1894 by a Chinese businessman named Quah Beng Kee. Together with his brothers, he established the Guan Lee Hin Steamship Company to transport mainly passengers and goods across the strait. The Beng brothers, as they were popularly known, operated the boat service between Fort Pier and Mitchell’s Pier. Neither of these piers exist today. The Fort Pier (also called Kedah Pier) was located off Fort Cornwallis, beside the present day King 37