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conditions for older drivers. Other drivers should also be informed about the common difficulties faced by older drivers on the road. Consultation from doctors Consultation from doctors is important because older drivers who want to drive need to know about their health problems before they travel. When the health problems have been identified, the decision to continue driving or not will depend on the functional effects of their illness. Renewal licensing Some countries require renewals of driving licenses at a certain age. The countries which practice this often require some sort of medical examination as part of the renewal process. Alternative forms of transport The availability of transportation other than cars is one of the easiest ways to keep older drivers safe on the go. If older drivers could choose to travel via public transportation, it would be safer than driving alone. Other than that, facilities such as specific parking and accessibility to using public transportation should be made available for older drivers. These alternatives can make it easier for commuting. Conclusion In conclusion, previous research has defined older drivers as those aged 65 and above. Until this day, this research is from overseas fieldwork. Unfortunately no studies about older drivers have been conducted in Malaysia. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the Government, NGOs and other stakeholders pay attention to older drivers and help them take action towards reducing accidents. Oxley J, Fildes B., Ihsen E., Day R., Charlton J. 1995. An investigation of road crossing behaviour of older pedestrians. Monash University Accident Research Center. Report no 81. Official Portal of Road Transport Department Malaysia .(2012) . Retrieve on February 2017 from Laman Interaktif Polis Diraja Malaysia. (2015). Retrieve on February 2017 from http://trafik. tal/UserPage/Laporan_ Kemalangan.aspx Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS). Atlanta, GA: CDC; 2016 [cited Feb 2017]. Available from URL: https://www.cdc. gov/injury/wisqars/index.html Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Fatality facts 2015, Older people. Arlington (VA): IIHS; November 2016. [cited Feb 2017]. Available from URL: drivers/fatalityfacts/older-people/2015 Por tal Rasmi Kementerian Pengangkutan Malaysia. (2016). Retrieve on February 2017 from jalan-raya/perangkaan-kemalangan-jalan-raya- indeks-kematian World Health Organisation. (2013). Global status report on road safety. Retrieve on February 2017 from file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/ GLOBAL+STATUS+REPORT+ON+ROAD+SAFETY+. pdf Governors Highway Safety Association. (2016). Retrieve on February 2017 from http://www.ghsa. org/issues/mature-drivers REFERENCE SafetyNet (2009) Older Drivers. Retrieve on February 2017 from transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/ old_en National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation (US). Traffic Safety Facts 2014: Older Population. Washington (DC): NHTSA; May 2016 [cited Feb2017].Available fromURL: Public/ViewPublication/812273 Literature Review of Polypharmacy and Older Drivers: Identifying Strategies to Study Drug Usage and Driving Functioning Among Older Drivers. Retrieve on February 2017 from https:// w w w.nht s s/nht s ile s/ job20285920polypharmacynew.pdf 33