Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 24

INGENIEUR Toyota Camry Hybrid Volvo V40 Figure 3 – Placement of visual indicators for Volvo and Toyota models positively altered their driving behaviour. Despite this, there was a substantial proportion of owners who felt annoyed and distracted with the BST system due to unwarranted warnings from various sources and receiving too many warnings during traffic congestion; leading to some drivers tending to disable the system. This definitely defeats the purpose of introducing such an advanced system into the market. In other words, the intended benefits of the BST system cannot be optimally achieved if the system is not well accepted and widely utilized by potential users. Therefore, there is a need to “firm up” the BST system by taking into account the human machine interface (HMI) issues identified from the study. Such an innovation is likely to be useful if the driver understands the information displayed and acknowledges its reliability [3]. A driver needs to know the operational status of the system, whether there are faults or malfunctions and more importantly, the driver needs to recognize warnings as well as their meaning. In this case, the location of visual alert varies between manufacturers and models. In certain Volvo models, as shown in Figure 3, the visual indicator is placed at the A-pillar of the car on both driver and front passenger sides. On the other hand, the Toyota Camry Hybrid has the indicator on its side mirrors as illustrated in Figure 3. The different location of visual alert may affect how drivers respond to the systems. 6 22 VOL 2018 VOL 74 55 APRIL-JUNE JUNE 2013 This shows that there are still issues that need to be resolved in the current DAS before self- driving vehicles can be realized in this country and region as a whole. The study by MIROS only covers a small portion of potential issues that may arise from the use of DAS, specifically the BST system in this country. There are also several other aspects that need to be looked into in order to ensure a smooth transition to the l