Ingenieur Vol. 74 Ingenieur Vol 72, April-June 2018 - Page 16

INGENIEUR Maintenance Repair Overhaul Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is essential in the aviation industry to ensure that aircraft are well maintained to pre-determined airworthiness condition to safely transport passengers and cargo. Maintenance procedures may include maintenance on the aircraft itself and their components such as the landing gear and jet engines. Whereas for aero-manufacturing, it can be related to high-technology companies that produces the aircraft parts and components such as the airframe, engines, propulsion units, guided missiles and space vehicles. All these elements are assembled under one integrated system to enable them to work together to achieve an intended purpose; for example the avionics in the cockpit of an aircraft. Malaysia has quite a number of education and training institutions that produce a highly trained workforce to support local operations as well as graduates that can support the local aerospace industry and those of neighbouring countries. The last subsector Engineering and Design Services is closely related to upstream activities during the aircraft life cycle which is very dominant in Europe and America followed by the Asia. Though the MRO sector did not manage to capture 5% of the global market share as targeted in 2015, the Entry Point Project 1 (EPP 1) of the Business Services National Key Economic Area 6 14 VOL 2018 VOL 74 55 APRIL-JUNE JUNE 2013 (NKEA) has set a goal of RM13.4 billion with job employment of 20,700 to be reached by 2020. However, based on current growth rate, this might not be achievable unless the right measures are taken to make a rapid improvement. Several initiatives have been implemented as per MAIB 2030. One of these is to improve the industry structure and regulation whereby Malaysia Aerospace Engineering (MAE) is free to develop its own strategy to serve more customers which in turn will raise the capital for expansion since MAE already serves other airlines besides Malaysian Airlines. The key step to achieve this is to invite strategic partners that can invest in building existing capabilities such as airframe maintenance and by providing strong expertise in areas such as engine repair, components and avionics. Other than that, the Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) has been gradually adopting the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards since 2006 and by September 2011 its policies and procedures related to the regulations, certification, approval and examination was replaced by EASA standards. In August 2011, an Industry Working Group (IWG) was established by MAS Aerospace Engineering (MAE) to discuss the development of the domestic and international businesses and their human capital needs. Others in IWG included AIROD Aerospace Technology as Deputy Chair and six others MRO-related companies as members. The EPP champions are the MAE,