Economic population activity and the job market - Page 9

9 In the North-Caucasus federal district there is the largest percentage of unemployed. In the end of 2015 11,5 % were unemployed’, whereas it is a year earlier – 10,5 %. In the absolute numbers it constitutes 520,4 and 477,8 thousand people respectively for fourth quarters of 2015 and 2014. But, if dynamics at the set from the first quarter of 2012 is allocated, it can be seen that, on the whole, the rate of unemployed in this district is smoothly decreasing: in the Q1 2012 of them there were 14,5 %. The number of labor force in the Russian Federation was 76 701,5 thousand people or 69,2 % in fourth quarter of 2015. A year earlier these indicators equaled 75 592,3 thousand people and 69,0 % respectively. In dynamics considered by us, this indicator shows stable growth from year to year. For example, in the first quarter of 2012 a number of labor force and level of participation in labor force were equal to 74 778,3 thousand people and 67,8 % to RF. The greatest number of labor force was noted in the Central federal district: 21 182,1 thousand people in Q4 2015. But we are counting what regions’ being compared irrelevantly on an absolute indicator because this indicator, rather, more strongly depends on population density than on any other factors. Let us check instead level of participation in labor force for relative ratios.  The highest level with Moscow a fourth quarter of 2015   of participation in labor force: 75,5 %, a year earlier:   also 75,5 %. Among the federal districts North-Western   (71,2 %) leads (in Q4 2014 71,0 %).  This indicator constitutes the most minimum significance in the Crimean federal district: in fourth quarter and the first 2015 quarters it equaled 65,2 % and 62,6 % respectively. The North-Caucasus one is following it: 65,5 % in fourth quarter of 2015. Photo: Markus Spiske /