Economic population activity and the job market - Page 8

8 On the whole, during consideration of an unemployment rate in Russia in all the time period (from 2012 to 2015) this indicator remains highly stable with seasonal reduction in summery periods. In Q4 2015 the number of unemployed in the Russian Federation was 4371,9 thousand people, which corresponded to 5,7 %. For comparison: in Q4 2014 there were 3927,6 thousand unemployed in the country (5,2 %).  It is noticeable this rate always increases in the first quarter   of every year, gradually decreasing by second and third   quarter, with slight increase by the fourth in dynamics.  For the absolute number of unemployed the Crimean federal district is the most favorable region. The smallest number of unemployed were recorded precisely in the peninsula in fourth quarter of 2015: every 75,6 thousand persons, but the relative ratio, every 6,5 % of unemployed in Crimea are the value which is above central-Russian 5,7 %. In the Q1 2015 there were 106,6 thousand unemployed, or 9,6 % (also greater than an average in the country of an indicator in Q1 2015 of 5,7 %), in this federal district. On the relative ratio of unemployment Moscow is the absolute leader: in all the considered time range, this level does not rise above 2 % (such an indicator was noted in fourth quarter of 2013). For the end of 2015 (in Q4) an unemployment rate in the capital was 1,7 % (124,4 thousand people) and a year earlier 1,4 % (101,7 thousand people). The greatest number of unemployed were fixed in fourth quarter of 2015 by the RSSS in the Siberian federal district: 838,6 thousand people. It slightly exceeds level medium in Russia by 2,8 % and is 8,5 %. A year earlier the number of unemployed was 731,3 thousand people (7,4 %) in Siberia.  In our view, increase of this rate is related to an overall   recession of industrial production which has large   concentration precisely in the regions of the Siberian   federal district.