Economic population activity and the job market - Page 11

11 The number of vacant places in data of the Russian State Statistics Service in the Russian Federation was 889 946 in third quarter of 2015, it is of the smaller place earliest of all for 23 363 than a quarter earlier. Employees in third quarter in a connection with reduction were dismissed and total under the agreement of the parties 317 958 people, but the own desire: 2 050 762 person.  In the chart it can be seen that the number of employees   in Russia who were dismissed for various reasons increases   for from a quarter on a quarter during 2015 while the number   of vacant seats remains almost invariable. This picture   is typical for all considered federal districts as well   in this time period.  The main reduction peak fell on the first quarter and second quarter of 2015. For example, 106 153 and 116 470 individuals respectively were reduced in Russia. The largest number of employees were decreased in third quarter in the Central federal distr