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FESETE Collective Bargaining Activities 2015 1. The political and social context in 2015, as in previous years, was marked by neo-liberal and right-wing policies of the government PSD-CDS, which hindered the exercise of sectoral employment and firm, decisive activity for the improvement of life and work of the employees of TCFI, as can be seen from the small number of Collective Agreements, only three, as shown in Table 2, house textiles and wool, clothing and hats. The year 2015 was marked by the defense of the rights enshrined in Collective Agreements (CA), the complaint of ATP to take will lapse of the CA and the consequent loss of rights and the submission of new proposals to the other employers' associations seeking to end the blockade of started trading in 2010 . 2. Table 1 gives us information of the evolution of workers' purchasing power, taking into account the effects of negotiated wages, updating the national minimum wage in October 2014 and its confrontation with actual inflation in 2015. as can be seen the evolution of workers' purchasing power is positive in 2015, ranging from a low of 0.7% in the tanneries and a maximum of 1.9% in the footwear. It is however important to note that these values are very low compared to the growth of productivity seen in recent years, increasing inequality in the distribution of wealth between capital and labor. FESETE/CGTP-IN - Av. da Boavista - Nº 583 - 4100-127 - Porto Telef.: 22-6002377 - Fax 22-6002164 - email: - portal: Organização filiada na CGTP/IN e na Federação da Indústria Europeia - IndustriaLL