Industry Magazine The Connection Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 6

BROKER-CENTRIC SERVICE BROKER-CENTRIC SERVICE Keeping Service Excellence At The Forefront: INTRODUCING OUR BROKER-CENTRIC APPROACH “Rather than assign a team based on where it works, our teams are now assigned to specific brokers.” SPRING 2017 GEOGRAPHY OR relationship? What is the best way to acquire and keep business? There are many different approaches out there, with a variety of benefits and pitfalls. Historically at A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies, we have deployed our underwriting and injury prevention staffs geographically. In the past, this has worked very well for us. We had local expertise, community knowledge, and strong relationships with our policyholders. Those are all important aspects of doing business. So why change? As our company grew, this approach became more challenging , for both our team as well as for our broker par tners. In order to send business to us, request a ser vice visit, or even just ask a question about a policyholder, a broker would have to look at a special map (we called it the “magic map”) to determine the under writer and injur y prevention consultant for that par ticular account. Despite the fact that all of our ser vice teams per form well and are more than qualified to address those inquiries, it became a confusing and cumbersome process. Our brokers have provided feedback 6