Indie Scribe Magazine September Issue - Page 6


The procession winds its way through the narrow streets

The children wait for the three kings

In expectation of their treats

Then as the three kings arrive

Down from the balconies so high

Sweets are thrown to the waiting throng

As the children laughing and squealing

Collect up their prize of sweets

Then leaving the streets covered

With glitter and multicoloured streamers

Another land

In another land soldiers wait in their cars

Afraid to venture forward down the mined street

The street through the village

Where people hide in the shadows

Of their adobe houses

The soldiers throw sweets before them

As village children laughing run into the street

To collect their prize of sweets

Soon the mines are cleared

And to the sound of children’s screams

And mothers wailing

The soldiers drive their cars

Down the blood soaked street

This was written after hearing two soldiers bragging of how they clear mines