Indie Scribe Magazine September Issue - Page 33

I like travelling and that has brought me to many countries. In July 2011, I decided to retire – starting a new phase of life. Near Christmas 2011, a friend of mine in Japan told me that she has started blogging in Chinese; something I have barely heard of at the time. Inspired by her, I started blogging on 1 January 2012. So here I am, writing in a second language, posting photos which I have taken in my trips. This has combined my love for travelling, writing, and photography – something which I consider meaningful in my life.

Apart from blogging, I am teaching part-time at a local university as an Adjunct Professor and helping out in the preparation of a book on new towns.

I like nature and beautiful scenery. My photos not only show nature and scenery but also bridges, architecture, sea, beaches, ships, harbour as they are the things I like most from my past career. More recently, I have started hiking into the woods in my retirement, learning to identify species of trees and shrubs, also learning Spanish and Chinese calligraphy.

I am not a professional photographer. I only have very modest photographic equipment, both in quantity and quality – but that doesn’t deter me from taking good photos – I know, if I take them from my heart.

Michael Lai.


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