Indie Scribe Magazine September Issue - Page 20

2. Are you self-disciplined and have a set routine?

In a word: no. I write when it feels right and when it flows I write fast and fluidly. I do write most days but have no set routine.

3. Do you plan your books and stories?

No. Not on paper anyway. Once I start a project I immerse myself in the characters and live the story through them. The plot starts as only a direction and then evolves organically. Often I don't know how it will end. Changes and tweaks happen during the edit. I use a program called TextSpeech Pro to read my MS back to me as I read on screen. That helps me edit and see where mistakes lie or where dialogue doesn't work. I also read aloud to my wife, Brigitte as I write and we talk about how it's going. I tend not to edit a great deal. I usually find I get it right and it works best if I don't fiddle too much after.

4. Are your characters fixed or can they/do they change as the story is written?

I will usually start with just the main characters and the others evolve as I get into the process. They do change over time and sometimes I've stopped and started again when a character is not working.

5. Which is your favourite character and why?

Pat from The Prairie Companions, maybe. I love her bravery, determination and her spirit.

Bonny from the Daniel series runs her close. I do love my female characters best. I love Bonny's feisty stop-at-nothing, go-for-it attitude and her desire to learn and experience all life has to offer.


David Rory O'Neill.