Indie Scribe Magazine September Issue - Page 16

limitless and her drive insatiable. Clara is eighteen, gentle, sensitive, loyal and aristocratic. They will do anything to throw off the conventions that bind them and find a place to build a life together.

This desire for a shared destiny takes the girls over the ocean, more than halfway across the world, to the wilds of northwestern Canada. There, on the windswept prairies, they must be courageous and intrepid to establish themselves. Life is as harsh as the winters, and the barren landscape offers no solace. The girls realize that they must rely on their newfound friends

Pat and Clara have only a vague idea of the hardships awaiting them in the year 1905, as they begin their journey to fulfil their dreams. They soon discover that the world is much wider and much harsher beyond the walls of the boarding school where they first met. Yet, they are steadfast and determined. Pat is seventeen, clever; her ambition is

and their love for each other to survive, let alone flourish. Along the way, they learn many things no boarding school could have prepared them for: about their world, the possibility of acceptance, and what it means to be pioneers.